A Worldwide Community in Need

Twenty million refugees displaced, more than half of which are children, are those fleeing wars, conflict and persecution around the globe.. Since early 2011, the upheaval wrought by ISIS has caused millions to flee their homes and seek shelter in Europe and neighboring countries. There are also refugees fleeing one of the 15 conflicts around the world that have erupted or reignited over the last five years. Decades-old instability and conflicts around the globe in Afghanistan, Somalia, Central America also continues to drive people from their homes with only the clothes in their back. In 2015, the United States accepted 69,933 refugees through relocation agencies like Catholic Community Services, World Relief and other non-governmental agencies. But these agencies struggle to find suitable housing for these people.

Shrinking Resources

Relocation agencies work on very limited funding and all too often these people are placed in stressful and dangerous housing situations in low-income areas with high crime, gang and drug issues. All of which creates more challenges for these people who are desperately seeking safety and security to raise their families, find jobs and be the people they were before they were before they were driven from their homes.

There is hope

Imagine a secure facility with 550 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom units that includes buildings that can house an on-site day care center, a community center, communal kitchen space, libraries, computer lab, classrooms, and recreation room. Outside there are two swimming pools and playgrounds. There’s even a soccer field! We can house these families and give them a safe, secure environment to learn English and the job skills that will help them assimilate positively into life in the United States.

Our Vision

But We Need Your Help

Hearts of Goodness has a remarkable opportunity in Memphis, Tenn. We have purchased, for significantly less than market value, a 29-acre property that we want to renovate over the next two years. With your help, we can create a life-changing place for families who, through no fault of their own, have had everything they own taken from them.

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