Our Work

Our Work

family-photoOur Family

The Church family has been very blessed throughout the years from their business and real estate interests. In an effort to keep their children grounded, Corbin and Kara began taking their children on humanitarian trips around the world. These unique opportunities were a method of reminding the family just how blessed they are. Such trips included building a school in Ghana; constructing outward venting stoves and basins to collect rainwater in Mexico; working alongside college students to paint their newly constructed school in Nepal; and working in an orphanage in Peru. Our oldest daughter Jessica also traveled to Guatemala and Kenya on similar humanitarian missions.

As their passion for serving grew, the Church Family created Hearts of Goodness, a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation.

Through the years, Hearts of Goodness has been actively involved in pursuits that are of keen interest to the Church Family. Having lost his father to cancer in 2007, the eradication of cancer from the earth has been a very heartfelt goal of Corbin’s. This led to the family’s involvement with the Huntsman Cancer Institute through donations and encouraging others to join the cause. Each Christmas season, the Church Family has the privilege of providing Christmas to the 16 financially challenged families living in the Huntsman apartments near the hospital. Today, Corbin sits on the board of the Foundation at Huntsman Cancer Institute.

The Church Family are strong believers in the importance of an education in changing the outcome of one’s future. Thus, a tremendous amount of funds have gone to education and scholarships of all sorts. Additionally, Corbin donates his time to teaching entrepreneurism at BYU in Provo, Utah. He is also an Entrepreneur in Residence, mentoring young, budding entrepreneurs who are in need of guidance.

Choice Humanitarian is an organization that has developed a sustainable model for ending extreme poverty around the world. This proven model was evident to the Churches when they traveled to Nepal and saw the results first hand. As a result, Choice is another recipient of the Church Family’s resources including the time of both Kara and Corbin who serve in Board positions with Choice.

And Finally, ACE, the Academy for Creating Enterprise is a program that teaches those living in poverty how to become entrepreneurs.   When jobs do not exist, perhaps the best solution is to create a job, not only for oneself, but for others as well. Corbin and Kara have traveled with ACE to Mexico, the Philippines, and Peru to teach and mentor entrepreneurial skills.

So many people were born into or fell into circumstances that have dictated a life of great hardship. It is the belief of the Church Family and hearts of Goodness that for those of us who have been blessed with means beyond our needs that a great responsibility exists to give back and help those in need.