The Vision

The Vision

Our Story

A favorite Christian hymn of ours is Because I Have Been Given Much. One line in particular strikes a chord, “I cannot see another’s lack and I not share.” The staggering difference between the life we live and the lives of those depicted in this movie are beyond comprehension.   In the car on the way home from the theater, my family and I resolutely made the decision that we would make every effort possible to make a difference in the lives of refugees. But that goal would prove to be more difficult than we could ever imagine. Continue Reading…

Project Summary

Since early 2011, the main reason for the spike in refugees has been the upheaval wrought by ISIS which has caused millions to flee their homes and seek shelter in Europe and in neighboring countries. But many refugees are also fleeing one of the 15 conflicts around the world that have erupted or reignited over the last five years, often situations of decades-old instability and conflict like those in Afghanistan, Somalia, Central America and elsewhere. Continue Reading…

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